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The purpose of this blog is to broaden my education, promote experimentation and enhance my professional development. Albert Einstein once said that “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” and I strongly believe him!

Event Loop & Call Stack

In order for JavaScript to achieve concurrency, it has a mechanism which handles asynchronous events.

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Worth reading books & educational resources for Front End Engineers

Great Books:

How is stacking context formed?

Stacking context is what tells overlapping DOM elements where to be placed in terms of visual depth. Continue reading “How is stacking context formed?”

Display: Inline VS block VS inline-block

How does an element behave if its CSS display property is set to one of these values?

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v. hoist·ed, hoist·ing, hoists
1. To raise or haul up, often with the help of a mechanical apparatus. See Synonyms at lift.
To become raised or lifted. Continue reading “Hoisting”

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